How Fitness affects your Sex Life

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Dec 05, 2011

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How Fitness affects your Sex Life

Regardless of the stage of your relationship and your age, physical fitness is essential for great sex life. It is not all about looking hot by having those bulging biceps or the curvaceous fit, great looking body in women. That is just one aspect of fitness for a great sex life, although important enough in itself.

Other than this, the other benefits of being fit for a healthy sex life are:

  • Improved stamina – If you are able to finish a marathon, guess what it says about your ability to have an orgasm! The stamina built due to exercises or any sort of physical activity naturally follows after you unzip yourself in the bedroom.
  • Feeling of well-being – Since exercise improves your feel-good factor, you are naturally more inclined to have sex. The additional thing of note in this is that feeling your mood elevated translates into an optimistic outlook leading to bedroom satisfaction.
  • Body flexibility – If you have come across some of the poses depicted in the Kama Sutra, you would know how important a part is played by physical body strength in sexual enjoyment.
  • Improved sex drive – A lot of physiological changes occur in the body due to exercise, and many hormones that boost sex drive are released. The stress busting hormones that get released indirectly help in whetting your appetite for sex. Incidentally, the fact that stress is the major factor in the life of people who experience a lack of sex drive also scores a point for the benefit of exercise in having a good sex life.
  • Age factor – You can extend your sex life by following fitness regimes. Men in particular are more likely to desire sex at any stage in their life. University of Chicago conducted a research in which it was found that men are likely to want sex even after their peak days of sexual activity was over. 55 year old men in very good health condition were able to enjoy a better sex life by 3 to 6 years.

Not only does fitness add to your ability to have sex, but sex in turn has been reported to give you several health benefits. So, you have plenty to gain by being fit, be it for having sex or otherwise.




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