How to be Fit for a Great Sex Life

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Dec 24, 2012

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How to be Fit for a Great Sex Life

Are you seeking a secret for better and long-lasting sex life? Well, fitness is the secret.

Fitness has myriad benefits, which include keeping blood pressure at normal levels, weight control and overall well-being. An exciting sex life is directly proportional to your overall healthy being.


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Here is how you can better your love life with routine workouts and fitness activities.

Practice yoga: To have good sex, you  need to be relaxed. Alternative therapies are stress relievers, especially yoga. Beyond easing your stress, yoga helps improve flexibility. Improved flexibility along with breathing control makes a great difference during sex.

Do push-ups: For men, push-up is a great exercise for improving sex. Regular push-ups will make your comfortable with several sexual positions besides improving performance with better strength and stamina. To reap benefits of push-ups, you have to be consistent.


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Do exercises that make you feel good about yourself: Overall sexual performance can be improved with almost every physical exercise. Getting engaged in exercises of your preference will  give you confidence, make you feel happy and will have  profound effect on your mind. Being in good shape is all you need to go the extra mile. So, pick the exercise you enjoy and that you can do on a regular basis.

Practice deep breathing: Breath control has a major role to play  during sex. There are two ways of learning it. First is breathing control build-up by regular exercise and alternative therapies. Second way of learning it is by practicing deep breathing exercises. Benefits of breathing exercises include gaining  energy, reducing stress and preventing panic attacks.


Fitness is a harbinger of better sex. The three aspects of fitness include endurance, strength and flexibility. Aerobic endurance, muscular strength and overall flexibility aid a person during sex. Moreover, the risk of injuries such as pulling a muscle becomes minimal.


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Besides making body fit for sex, fitness activities also stimulate the mind to make one feel sexier. Too much exercise can have the opposite effect, so don’t get too intense with it as  you end up disturbing the balance of your sex hormones.

For an optimum sex drive, it is advisable to engage in regular exercises or moderate-intensity exercises. Do not over-train; just enjoy your exercises for a great sex life.

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