How Effective are Condoms against Pregnancy?

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Jun 14, 2011

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Man holding condomCondoms are used by couples worldwide to protect against unwanted pregnancies. They are far better contraception devices when compared to methods such as withdrawal and the use of spermicidal chemicals.


The Effectiveness of Male Condoms against Pregnancy


The male condom is up to 98 % effective against pregnancies.

  • One has to use a condom regularly for it to be effective against pregnancies. Irregular use leaves the couple vulnerable to unwanted pregnancies.
  • Its effectiveness is diminished when it is not used right at the beginning of sexual intercourse. This is true because there are chances that a woman might get pregnant because of the pre-ejaculatory fluid.
  • The effectiveness of the male condom against pregnancy is also dependent on the fact it is used properly. If the condom suffers from wear and tear while wearing it, its effectiveness is greatly diminished.
  • If a male condom is snagged or torn while performing oral sex, then its effectiveness decreases.
  • If oil based lubricants or petroleum jelly is used during sexual intercourse then it greatly diminishes the effectiveness of the condom. Oil based lubricants can make holes in the body of the condom rendering it useless as a method of contraception.


The Effectiveness of Female Condoms against Pregnancy


The female condom can be up to 95 % effective against unwanted pregnancies.

  • The effectiveness of the female condom depends on how one inserts it in the vagina. If the condom is placed too far inside the vagina then it will move during intercourse and might not be able to protect against pregnancy.
  • If the penis is not inserted within the female condom and it is inserted between the condom and the wall of the vagina, then the condom will not be effective against pregnancy.
  • If the female condom is not used regularly then it will not be effective against pregnancy.


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