How does Yeast Infection affect Pregnancy

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Oct 11, 2011

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Yeast infection is a common but an immensely painful and uncomfortable experience to deal with. Although the implications of a yeast infection might not be life threatening, it needs to be treated on time for effective respite. Allowing yeast infection to grow and multiply will unnecessarily complicate matters. It is therefore a matter of interest to know if yeast infections can affect pregnancy and if they in fact do affect it, then how.  


How does Yeast Infection affect Pregnancy


  • Does yeast infection stop you from getting pregnant? Well, the answer is a clear “no”. There are no facts that have been unearthed till date to prove that yeast infections can hinder conception. However, it can make sexual intercourse, a wee bit more painful and uncomfortable.
  • Pregnancy can in fact turn out to be one of the reasons behind vaginal yeast infection. With the onset of pregnancy, there are major hormonal changes occurring in the body. These in turn further the growth of yeast infection in the vagina. Therefore, the incidences of such infection might aggravate during the course of pregnancy.
  • During pregnancy, the body undergoes several changes. Quite often, keeping up pace with it might seem difficult. For example, the vaginal secretions occurring around this time might contain more sugar. Since the yeast would find it easier to feast on sugary substances, they would also end up multiplying much faster.
  • How does yeast infection affect pregnancy through the various phases? Well, there aren’t any noticeable symptoms during the first trimester apart from the common manifestations. However, in the second semester, there might be a creamy white discharge from the vagina. The discharge will have the consistency of cottage cheese and be typically odourless.
  • When you suffer from yeast infection during the course of pregnancy, there is no way in which your baby can actually be affected. Therefore, there is really no cause for worry. However, if you still have the infection during the delivery process, the child might contract it while travelling through the birth canal. In such cases, the infant might suffer from a yeast infection in the mouth which is commonly known as oral thrush. Oral thrushes aren’t life threatening and can be easily treated with medication.


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