How does the Female Condom Work?

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Apr 03, 2013

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Female Condom WorkCondoms are effective methods of contraception and they also offer some protect against STDs. Condoms have been traditionally known to be exclusively used by males. However, with medical advancement there is now available the female condom. The female condom works in the same way as the male condom. Female condoms are becoming increasingly popular.


How does the Female Condom Work?


Protection against STDs


The female condom is considered as effective as the male condom in protecting against sexually transmitted diseases. However, like male condoms, the protection rate of female condoms is also not 100% and one can still contract a sexually transmitted disease if one has multiple partners.


Restricting Unwanted Pregnancies


Female condoms work by providing a barrier against the semen from reaching the vagina and cervix. Again the protection rate of female condoms against unwanted pregnancies is 95 %.


Barrier Birth Control


Female condoms work as contraception devices because they are made of natural latex or polyurethane. These substances lock the semen in the condom and do not allow it to come into contact with the vagina or cervix.  The female condom has two rings. The smaller ring is placed at the closed end of the condom and a slightly larger ring is placed at the top. The ring at the closed end of the female condoms helps in keeping the condom in place. The larger ring is placed at the mouth of the vagina.


Use of Female Condom


A female condom can only work effectively if it is properly used.


  • When inserting the female condom into the vagina make sure that outer ring stays outside the vagina at all times.
  • Make sure that when the penis penetrates the vagina it does so within the female condom and not between the condom and the wall of the vagina.
  • A female condom will not be effective if it is reused, or if it has been damaged due to improper storage and also if its expiration date is over.


The female condom essentially works by providing a barrier between the semen and the vagina. The female condom will only work if you wear it before intercourse and not right before your partner is about to climax.


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