How does Energy Healing Work?

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May 02, 2011

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energy healingEnergy is a universal concept that almost all the sciences known to people agree with. There are several principles of healing that are associated with the concept of energy. Some of these include Reiki and spiritual healing and are practiced in large numbers by people, to reach out for something that even science finds inexplicable. In popular culture, it is believed that the body and the mind act independently but in the stream of energy healing, the body as well as the mind are considered one and therefore treated equally. They are treated as if they belong to the same entity.


How does energy healing work?

Whatever happens in the conscious as well as the subconscious mind appears in the body of an individual. For instance, if an individual is feeling anxious, the feeling is reflected on some part of the body that makes the underlying anxiety evident. We can make use of the body to navigate back into the happenings of the mind or the consciousness. This is exactly what experts mean when they say appearing something on the outside but going deep into the mind; much deeper than what anyone can usually expect. However, this deeper insight into the consciousness leads to one’s surrender into the higher intelligence of the body and mind system.

Deeper thought into the consciousness allows the natural essence to flow through an individual’s life smoothly. Energy healing demands a high degree of presence of mind and concentration from the healing practitioner. The techniques used for healing and the process of conducting the healing practice have a major say in the result.  Presence of mind and aid can help the healing process to have a better impact when applied with the right skills. Healing sessions may vary depending on the kind of healing technique that is being accommodated by the healer. Some of these are:


  • Hands-on energy healing.
  • Tension-release massage.
  • Breath re-patterning.
  • Inner focus practice.
  • Defence pattern exploration.
  • Family pattern exploration.
  • Process facilitation.


These healing sessions involve a certain decorum that needs to be maintained for better results. These help the person who is being healed to be aware of his or her instinctive reactions and energy-consciousness systems. The practitioner examines the present situation of the mind as well as body of the individual who needs healing. He then prescribes the kind of sessions as well as the number of sessions to undertake. Energy healing systems help in knowing the energy that exists inside our mind as well as our body.



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