How to Do Walking Meditation

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Mar 02, 2012

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Generally, sitting positions are related to meditation, although walking meditation is one of the effective forms that seldom gets acceptance. As a matter of fact, walking meditation is more active form that brings peace to the mental state and increases the capability of concentration. In this meditation technique, rhythm holds the key, with an ability to induce a hypnotic trance in the exercise. Distinct from the conventional sitting meditation techniques, walking meditation brings invigorating variety to meditation practices for soothing mind.

Primary focus in the walking meditation is nurturing consciousness. Unlike other meditation forms, the meditation is done with open eyes and active body. The important aspect that one must consider before practicing walking meditation is surroundings/external environment. By external environment, we mean the sun, the wind, sounds of nature, presence of living beings and machines.

Practicing Walking Meditation

  1. Finalise the pathway where you will practice the meditation. The length of the straight pathway should be at least 35 feet. Make sure that the pathway is smooth.
  2. Decide yourself on whether to walk slowly or briskly, but ascertain that the rhythm remains consistent.
  3. With eyes half open, keep walking with eyes on the ground.
  4. Pay attention on the legs while the walking and strive to feel the sensation of feet making a contact with ground, moving away from it and getting back to it again. The act will help you concentrate in the everyday tasks.
  5. Giving a pause is another important aspect of the meditation. Therefore, ascertain that you stop for a moment before turning around and start walking to continue with the practice.
  6. Repeat the practice for of walking back and forth on the pathway for the least of 20 minutes.

Advantages over other Meditation Forms

  1. Walking being integral activity of daily life can be used improve our overall health.
  2. It has been observed that sitting meditation makes you calm, but also a bit dull. In this manner, walking meditation boosts you with lots of energy.
  3. It helps in increasing stamina for long trails along with increasing physical strength.
  4. Sitting and walking meditation in tandem will brings a positive change in the posture and will better the blood circulation.
  5. Walking meditation is more likely to make you active and alert, in comparison to sitting techniques.
  6. Practicing walking meditation regularly improves functioning of digestive system.


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