How to do Heart Chakra Meditation

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Mar 02, 2012

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Out of the seven chakras, the heart chakra is the fourth one. On it the connection between your physical and spiritual selves is dependent. Heart chakra meditation is undertaken to reach a balance between the seven chakras of your being. The lower three chakras help us grow physically while the above three allow us to reach out for the spiritual realms.


A simple technique of this form of meditation is explained here –


  • Sit in comfortable position, in the cross-legged sukhasana posture.
  • Keep your spine straight and keep the neck in a straight line to it. You will need to extend your neck and pull the chin slightly back; the same as a soldier at attention.
  • Close your eyes and let the hands rest on your thighs.
  • Let your stomach muscles relax.
  • Start taking rapid breaths, in and out. Your inhales should have the same intensity as the exhales.
  • You should keep the breath shallow, at around the tip of the nose. Do not pay much attention to the movement of diaphragm and chest with the breathing. Just keep yourself relaxed and feel that rhythm of your stomach pulses with the inhales and exhales.
  • Let this go on for a minute and then relax.
  • This can be done for up to 11 minutes after having enough strength and required practice. The speed of breathing can be increased too.

While the above exercise is the simplest form of meditation, but the beginners can do wonders for their heart chakra with it. The advanced practitioners or those who want to make headway in their spiritual life should take to the following.


Meditation for Heart Chakra


You need to understand the relevance and significance of the term “breathing into a chakra”. It does not mean you have to perform something physically miraculous in the nature of thrusting the air of your exhaled breath to the respective chakra. When you are told to breathe into a chakra, it actually means that you have to take a slow, deep breath and focus your consciousness towards the respective chakra. It leads to a revitalising energy flowing towards the chakra you want to meditate on.


Meditation technique –


  • Sit in the sukhasana with your hands on your thighs.
  • Shutting your eyes, start breathing into your heart chakra. Remember that you have to inhale deeply and exhale totally. Feel the rejuvenation as explained above.
  • Continue till you are one with your heart chakra.
  • Now, start breathing into your third and sixth chakras, i.e. the throat and solar plexus. Feel the expansion of the consciousness brought about by this practice but without centred in your heart chakra.
  • Practice the same for subsequent upper and lower chakras, i.e. second and sixth followed by first (third eye chakra) and seventh.
  • After you are done with the practice, bring yourself back to the act of breathing and then to your mind. Now, open your eyes with a smile!


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