How to Dispose Dirty Diapers

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Dec 21, 2011

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Father and Son Many people dispose of their dirty diapers irresponsibly and carelessly. This isn’t good enough as soiled diapers – which are disposed of with normal household waste and trash – can contaminate public water with deadly bacteria. You are also compromising the health and welfare of the many sanitation workers who treat this waste. They are not expecting to be handling human excrement after-all. This article explains how to dispose dirty diapers.

1.    Flush the baby’s waste down the toilet before you dispose the diaper; i.e. scrap any of the solid matter from the soiled diaper into the bowl and flush; this will mean that the majority of the excrement will be treated in a safe and clean manner.

2.    Roll the diaper into itself; i.e. roll it so the soiled part is almost “quarantined” and isolated from the outside world, by the clean part. Use some diaper tape then to keep the roll secure.

3.    Put the diaper into a customized disposable container. These can be purchased at most mother-case outlets and stores or any good supermarket which concentrates on baby products. They are specifically designed to calm the odours emanating from the diapers. If you don’t have one of these containers, then it’s best to put the diaper in a plastic bag and seal it, and place it into an outdoor trash-can, to prevent any chance of it contaminating you home.

4.    When the disposal container is full, empty them into the outside trash can. Be sure that there is a tightly fitted lid on this trash can, so neighbouring animals cannot go through it. Clean the inside of the trash can regularly with hot water and detergent to prevent bacteria and odours.
There are right ways and wrong ways of disposing or soiled and dirty diapers and you need to be responsible in this regard. Hopefully this piece has helped you to understand how to dispose of dirty diapers.


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