Easy Ways to Manage Nausea at Work

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Jul 11, 2011

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Quick Bites

  • An empty stomach will trigger nausea. Keep munching while at work.
  • Keep sipping water throughout the day to help quelling nausea at work.
  • Be prepared so that you can relax and deal with nausea at work.
  • Veggies or even a fresh salad with olive oil dressing will do wonders for you.

Nausea during pregnancy can bother all women. It is a queasy feeling in the stomach that makes you feel like you might throw up any moment. And some luckless ladies do throw up a lot during pregnancy.

nausea at workThe troubles with nausea during pregnancy double, when a nauseous attack happens at work. Dealing with nausea at work is necessary because it interferes with performance and can also affect one’s career.


Stay snack ready

Stuff your office cabinets with healthful snacks. Nuts, pretzels, rice crackers and muffins are excellent options. Although the thought of food might make you feel nauseous at work, you have to eat in small bits. An empty stomach will trigger nausea. Keep munching while at work.


Do not skip meals

When at work, do not forget to pack in a lunch or at least order some. Stay away from fried foods as they take time to be digested and can trigger nausea at work. What you should eat in order to deal with nausea at work is a high protein diet. Veggies or even a fresh salad with olive oil dressing will do wonders for you.


Tank up the water

Dehydration will trigger nausea and will make it difficult for you to handle it at work during pregnancy. Keep sipping water throughout the day. You can also drink juices and smoothies to keep the fluid content in your body up. Drinking plenty of fluids will help you keep your food down and will also help in quelling nausea at work.


Try some alternatives

Many women report that chewing on ginger or ginger tea helps them deal with nausea. You can also try other alternatives such as sugar candies, or even gum. It is all about how your body reacts and grows accustomed to nausea during pregnancy.


Stay prepared

The last thing that you want is to be caught unawares by a nauseous attack at work. Carry an extra blouse, mint, toothbrush and toothpaste and enough moist wipes. Also carry a piece of muslin cloth which you can dip in cold water and use on your face. This will help you relax and deal with nausea at work.


If you can’t; don’t keep it down!

Throwing up constantly at work can be embarrassing especially when you have not told anyone about your pregnancy. You cannot punish yourself for getting pregnant, if you cannot hold down the bile any longer do throw up. It will relieve the stomach of the pressure that it was feeling and will help you deal with nausea at work more graciously. It is better to lock yourself in the restroom when feeling nauseous rather than throwing up on a colleague.

In case it is becoming impossible for you to deal with nausea at work during pregnancy, talk to your doctor about it. There are some anti nausea medications that are considered safe during pregnancy. You doctor might also prescribe vitamin B6 tablets which are helpful in dealing with nausea during pregnancy.




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