How to cure dry flaky scalp naturally

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Feb 09, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Weather,  water and styling might cause your scalp to dry.
  • Apple juice, vinegar and honey help hydrating dry scalp.
  • You could wash your hair with cold milk.
  • Apply aloe vera gel and leave it on to the flaky scalp.

Not being able to flaunt that black dress of yours because of dandruff? It is time you start taking care of it before it turns into psoriasis. There are several external factors that contribute to the development of flaky scalp. Even people who do not indulge in hair treatments and colouring complain of dandruff. So what is the reason?


Causes of Dry Scalp

  • Weather conditions
  • Quality of water
  • Repeated hair colouring
  • Lack of oil
  • Excessive use of dryers and hair sprays
  • Applying hair gels and other chemicals that are meant to smoothen your hair out
  • Re-bonding

If you have tried and tested all the shampoos offered to a troubled customer in the market, here are some easy tips on curing dry flaky scalp naturally sitting at home; read on!

Dry Flaky Scalp

All you would need is food vinegar, whole milk (that is not boiled), lavender oil, honey, virgin olive oil and some aloe vera gel. Thoroughly wash your scalp with cold water (if it is winters for you, try washing it with lukewarm water. Hot or warm water tends to dry your scalp all the more leading to excessive flaking) and apply the paste. The preparation is listed below:

Home Remedies to Treat a Dry, Flaky Scalp


  • In a bowl, mix one cup of apple juice, two teaspoons of vinegar and one tablespoon of honey. Stir it well. Then add two to three drops of lavender oil and apply this mixture on your hair. Make sure it is applied to all the parts of the scalp. This pack acts wonderfully in curing flaky scalp.
  • After washing your hair with a mild shampoo, wash it again with a mug of whole milk and leave it on for 20 minutes. Let it drip off till then and do not squeeze out extra milk. Then apply the aloe vera gel on your wet scalp and wrap a towel around your head. Leave it for a good half hour. Wash your hair off with normal water. Shampoo the next day and feel the difference. This can be done every weekend for best results.
  • You can also apply aloe vera gel and leave it on to the flaky scalp. However, during winters it is best if you avoid this as aloe vera cools the skin and you might experience a running nose!
  • Never shampoo your hair vigorously and repeatedly in one sitting. Shampoos are only cleansing agents and will not remove your flaky dandruff.
  • Rinse your hair with vinegar after washing it with your regular shampoo. This not only adds shine to your hair but also cures the scalp from flaking.
  • You can also use a mixture of tree tea oil and almond oil and massage it into your scalp. Then wrap a hot towel around it and leave it on for one hour. A sprinkle of chamomile flower oil, if readily available, can also rejuvenate your hair considerably from dryness and flaking!


Have vitamin C and E and see those flakes disappear in no time.


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