How to Cope with a Sexless Marriage?

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Oct 10, 2011

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How to Cope with a Sexless Marriage

Sex represents pleasure, celebration, youth, passion, vigour, personal achievements and of course, emotional and physical intimacy. However, once you strip off the excesses, sex becomes just an act of fulfilment or an expression of love and attraction. Living without sex is perfectly possible, albeit a little difficult. In order to cope with a sexless marriage, all you need to do is to find happiness in the right places.

It’s certainly great to have a rocking marital sex life amongst other things. However, if you must cope with a sexless marriage for whatever reasons, the following tips can surely help.


Tips to Cope with a Sexless Marriage

  1. First, realise that sex is not a physical necessity. You wouldn’t require having regular intercourses to stay alive. There are hundreds of people who practice celibacy in their marriages and are still living happily. Although maintaining marital intimacy without sex could be a difficult task, it surely isn’t an impossible one.
  2. If you cannot have sex, both the partners should agree to live without it, happily. Problems arise when there is a distinct difference in the sex drives of partners. Whereas one might avoid all sexual intimacy, the other might crave for it. For a sexless marriage to work, one must expunge these discords effectively.
  3. It is characteristic of humans to obsess about things which seem unattainable at the moment. The same is the case with sex. In case your partner isn’t capable of pulling through an intercourse, accept this as a reality of life. Try and evaluate your marriage from a holistic point of view. If the relationship seems fulfilling in every way other than in bed, there is every reason to give it a chance. Steer clear of your obsessions and look for other things which can make your equally happy.
  4. Irrespective of whether you can or cannot have sex, physical intimacy would be essential at all times. Discuss with your partner as to how he or she would like to fulfil the need for physical love and comfort. In certain cases, kissing and hugging each other can make up for sexual acts. The basic idea would be to try and take care of each other’s needs as much as possible.

As per the stats provided in a current research, 5% of married couples lead celibate lives and have learnt to cope with a sexless marriage. If they can, so can you.


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