A Guide to Choose the Right Colour for your Hair

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Dec 15, 2011
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Quick Bites

  • Read up a bit on the types of hair colour available beforehand.
  • For a more natural look, opt for semi permanent colours.
  • If allergic to peroxide, choose semi-permanent vegetable-based colours.
  • Besides shade selection, you need to know the art of applying it correctly.


If you have decided to switch to hair colour, going for it for the first time would involve several apprehensions.

choosing hair colour

You would be concerned about the suitability of shades chosen, the impact it is likely to have on your strands, reading up on the ways to care for coloured hair and sticking to them etc. The ideal start would be to read up a bit on the types of hair colour available and gather information on how to choose hair colour. Once you are well informed, choosing would be simpler.


Useful Tips on How to Choose Hair Colour


  • If you are looking for a more natural look that would simply alter the shade of your strands, choose to opt for semi permanent colours. They would last for as long as 20 washes on an average and frequent application would not be required.
  • In case you are allergic to peroxide based colours, the best option for you would be the semi permanent vegetable based colours. These are made from natural extracts and vegetable compounds and are completely safe. Furthermore, there will be no colour lifted from your strands and the look would be perfectly natural. The colour, however, would last to only about 8 shampoos and you might have to resort to frequent application.
  • A very important aspect of how to choose hair colour would be to be able to select the right shades. For example, if you are light complexioned, using dark shaded hair colours would be inappropriate. For those with dark complexion, you could use about five tones of blonde, chestnut or honey shades for the right look.
  • If you are confused about the choice of the right shade for your hair colour, always stick to brown. This is a shade, which suits most skin tones. You can alter the shades of brown and create several innovative looks successfully.
  • In case you are planning to select on the basis of ease of application, colour black would be the most suited option since it is delightfully easy to apply.  You will also need to remember that the colour black looks good only on olive or dark skinned people.
  • Choose shades of red if you are attempting a sexy look. If you have blonde hair, you would have to go for a couple of shades darker, in order to achieve the desired shade of red.

Apart from knowing how to choose hair colour well, you need to know the art of applying it correctly. If it’s your first time, always prefer to seek professional assistance for application instead of trying to do it yourself.

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