How to Choose Best Kamasutra Positions

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May 23, 2013

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Kamasutra is the manual for love making; it is the single most important book on sexual positions in the world. The text was written by Vatsyayana in Sanskrit, due to which it is widely referred to as Vatsyayana Kamasutra. the fouKama is one of r goals of the Hindu life, the other three being, Artha, Dharma, and Moksha. The word sutra means a thread that holds the things together, and contrary to what popular perception is, the book presents itself as a guide to a living and addresses the nature of love, family life and other aspects that deals with the pleasures of human life.

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There are 64 sexual positions in total mentioned in Kamasutra, many of which are challengeable and not many can try them all in a lifetime. Here we have brought to you the hottest of the lot, the ones that will ensure you a ride through the pleasures of sex. You can choose from them and see if it would suit you!

The Glowing Triangle:
This position is a little close to the classic missionary position, the woman is on her back lying down and the man is on top. There is a minor change here that will majorly increase the pleasure factor for the two of you. The man here goes on all fours and then the woman gets lifted off her hips towards his penis and penetration takes place. The man actually remains in his position and the woman does most of the work.

The Nirvana:
This is a classic position where the girl lies on her back and stretches her legs out, and then she holds the bedposts above her head. The woman would then keep her legs together and then the man enters her with his thighs outsider hers. The man and the woman move together and as they do so, the pressure of the woman’s thighs intensifies the penetration effect that provides the stimulation of the woman’s clitoris.

The Padlock: This could be a bit challenging, but is sure fun when you give a try. The girl will climb onto someplace high and will sit on the edge and support herself with her arms behind her. The man stands before her and she wraps her legs around him firmly and as he leans on to her he penetrates her.  An intimate position, the couple can look into each other’s eyes and he can grip her bottom to control the momentum.

The Slide: The man he lies on the back and the woman on the top of him with her legs together. He penetrates her and she begins to rub up and down. The position is rather easy and is a good way to have a new thing going!f

The Ape: This position again is a challenging one, here the man lies on his back and he pulls his knees up to his chest. The woman then shits down backwards and slowly slides the penis inside her and props up on his feet.  As the woman shifts her weight on the legs, the easier it becomes for her partner. This position can lead to very intense moments, sensuous and hot.

The Butterfly: This position is depended on the angle, as she lies on a piece of furniture, he stands before her and she slowly slips her legs over his shoulders. The woman then puts her arms and hands down so she can lift her hips up as he grabs the bottom to give her some added lift. The man must be strong enough for this position so that they can get the angle right.

So then take your pick and see what suits you best and there is only one way to find out which one it is. Yes, you have to try them all!

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