How to check if you have Breast Cancer

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Dec 13, 2011

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How to check if you have Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the abnormal growth and mutation of cells on or around the breast tissues. Tumours arise from the milk ducts of the breast or lobules which supply milk to the ducts. Cancer whose genesis is witness from the ducts is termed as ductal carcinomas and cancer originating from the lobules is termed as lobular carcinomas.


Predominantly there exist no over signs of detecting the possibility of a breast cancer. If you can feel a lump in your breast, it could me malignant or non-malignant. Be sure that you visit your doctor the moment there is a lump in your breast.  There could be a slight thickening of the area around the breast or a dimple. Other obvious signs would include nipple changes, cysts or unlikely breast pain. These are signs of abnormal growth in the breast tissue and should be checked for breast cancer immediately. These are simply signs which shouldn’t be ignored, but don’t necessarily mean that you have breast cancer; as numerous lumps are benign.


Physical examination is one of the best ways to check if you have breast cancer.


Deploy the following techniques and stay one step ahead of breast cancer:

  • Perform a self examination

a)    Stand straight with your arms folded behind your head and check for any change in the breast contours. The change could be noticed in the form of slight change in shape of one breast compared to the other, dimpling or changes in the nipple region
b)    Uplift your right arm and use your left arm to examine the right breast. Press and check for any pain or lump or any abnormality you feel. If you are lying down on your bed while examining, place a pillow under your right shoulder and examine your right breast. Reverse the process and check the same for the left breast.
c)    With your fingers flat, move them lightly in a slow linear or circular motion and check for any hard knot or thickening of the breast tissue.

  • Clinical Technique

a)    Ultrasound is a technique where in, an ultrasound machine emits sound waves which bounce back and create a series of images. It is the same technique deployed in pre natal sonogram. With the aid of an ultrasound, doctors can detect if the breast lump is solid as tumours usually are fluid filled cysts.
b)    A mamogram is a clinical breast examination technique. It is a breast x ray, where the breast is placed between two plates and x ray images are taking at various angels of the breast tissue. This is by far, the best technique to check for any abnormal cell growth. A diagnostic mamogram can generate images of greater accuracy and can focus on specific zones of the breast for an immaculate breast check up.



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