How can one prevent Amenorrhea?

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Apr 12, 2013

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How can one prevent Amenorrhea

Since amenorrhea is caused because of an underlying medical condition, the prevention strategies are pretty much what need to be followed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Primary amenorrhea

Teenage girls can prevent primary amenorrhea by:

  • Following a sensible diet program
  • Maintaining normal body weight i.e. according to their height and age.

Secondary Amenorrhea

Teenage girls can prevent secondary amenorrhea by:

  • Eating a diet that is balanced and meets the recommended supply of daily nutrition. Since this cannot be decided by the individual herself, she will have to have it devised by the dietician.
  • Exercising moderately and ensuring that you do not overdo it. The goal should be to have an ideal muscle tone and body weight.
  • Beating stress or other conflicts by seeking catharsis in a healthy outlet where there is no fear of betrayal, etc.
  • Balancing recreation, work and rest time.
  • Avoiding excessive cigarette smoking and consumption of alcohol.

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