How Can Aging Change Woman’s Sex Life

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Jul 22, 2011

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How Can Aging Change Womans Sex LifeAgeing in humans is considered to be a multidimensional process of psychological, physical and social change. And no one can escape the changes of old age. As a woman steps closer to menopause she begins to encounter some changes that affect her sex life. Listed below are a few points to know how aging can change woman’s sex life.


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  • With menopause, the estrogen production in the woman’s body decreases which considerably reduces her urge to have sex. This also goes on to alter the physical appearance of the vagina making it shrink twice the normal thickness of a woman’s reproductive organs. Most women experience visible loss of elasticity in the vaginal tissues and lack of lubrication leading to dryness.
  • Aging can cause a delay or a complete loss in the anticipation of an orgasm. This may make orgasms less exhilerating. However, one must note that the sensitivity of the clitoris region remains somewhat the same, even after a woman has reached menopause.
  • Women reaching menopause develop brittleness in their bones and other health problems such as a weak heart. This is because menopause helps the body to function normally for almost 50 years and a sudden stoppage does cause imbalance in the functioning of the body.. Chronic health conditions may interfere with the woman’s urge for sex .
  • Other factors such as hysterectomy and mastectomy can cause a drastic loss in the sexual appetite of a woman. She tends to feel more exhausted due to fluctuating hormones ultimately causing a loss in the sex drive.


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Some women are unable to cope up with the menopausal stage mentally and this becomes the largest contributing factor in changing an aging woman’s sex life. During this time, she must learn to destress and feel comfortable with the changes the body is going through. If need be she may seek medical counseling.



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