How to bring Intimacy back into a Relationship

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Apr 03, 2013

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How to bring Intimacy back into a Relationship

Do you feel a lack of deep emotional bond with your partner? Emotional intimacy can be a struggle between couples. One reason behind it may be that it is not always the easiest thing to be your separate self while sharing your deepest emotions with your partner. At times you begin to feel that you have resigned or focused yourself to the relationship so much that your former self seems to be lost forever. A deep emotional bond does not mean two individuals must lose their separate identities. They just need to have a good relationship with healthy boundaries.


Tips to bring Intimacy to Your Relationship

  • Plan new adventures with your partner. It can be easy to overlook this in the drudge of daily work. It refreshes your relationship as you two enjoy your time together.
  • Make your partner’s needs a priority. You should allow your partner to have the preference if there is a clash between his/hers and your needs.
  • Giving up your own “self” and becoming your partner’s beloved. Always fulfill the emotional needs of your partner.
  • Now, become yourself again. After intense emotional connection, step into the shoes of your original self as soon as possible.
  • Pose some challenges to your partner. Help each other to bring your best out.

If you and your partner have the trust in each other there will never be an occasion that leads to embarrassment or shame for any of you, bringing back intimacy may not be as much of a problem. It will gradually lead to reinforcement of each other’s honour and the shared relationship. You also need to respect each other’s individuality and accept each other with the faults. Speaking respectfully should never be avoided even when you are frustrated with your partner. Compassion brings kindness and tenderness to your life and eases the relationship problems. It is the ingredient that makes your relationship special.

Following the tips given above needs both you and your partner to be mature and responsible human beings who can see beyond the mundane. If you value the relationship, trivialities would not be a hindrance in getting it back on track. The tips given above to bring intimacy back can work only if you are a responsible and mature person first. Another element in this question is how much do you really care for your partner. If you care for the other enough and are really sincere about having a long-term relation, these tips are great.


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