How to Balance Career and Family

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Dec 11, 2012

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A business womanStriking a balance between family and career can be a challenge. But the key to balance both is effective time management and judicious planning. By learning to be more efficient and productive at work, you can easily create quality time for your partner, family and personal vocations. In fact, it is believed that spending time with family or participating in personal interest activities such as dance, sports can make one much more creative, stress-free and versatile.


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A survey conducted by the Work and Family Institute recently revealed that over 60 percent of working parents are stressed out since they are unable to cope up with the conflict that occurs between work and time spent with family. On the other side, expert psychiatrist Dr. Pulkit Sharma sheds light on the brighter picture and explains, “What kind of parent you are makes the largest difference, regardless of whether you are employed or not. There is no solid evidence to support the belief that children of full-time, part-time or stay-at-home moms turn out any different.”


In order to achieve the much wanted balance, family support is imperative. Take the first step and get a consensus from your family on your priorities. Professional success may often entail long grueling work hours or extensive travelling. In such cases, family understanding and support is indispensible. RujitaMehra, senior manager with a leading MNC describes both her personal and professional life as successful. She says, “Sacrifices are part of the scheme-of-things. Your professional aspirations may not allow you to be available all the time but the key lies in mutual understanding and making manageable efforts to keep everyone happy!”


  • Work Flexibility: To seek flexibility at work, communicate your personal and professional goals to the company management and get support. As published in The Wall Street Journal, top notch organizations boasting of the highest employee retention were those that openly supported family life by offering on-site daycare, work-at-home days, sabbaticals and job sharing.


  • Work Efficiency: Try to organize your work in a way that you are twice as productive in the same span of time.


  • Pre-preparation: Just before dozing, spend a few minutes mentally scheduling your tasks at work for the next morning. By doing so, you can prepare well and save substantial amount of time by not engaging in low priority activities.


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  • Reorganize your schedules: Try  scheduling your day so that you have enough time for sleep, meals, exercise, and quality family time.


  • Recreate with family:Chuck your gym session for a change and head outside to play with your kids instead. Go for long walks, play basketball or a game of tennis. By doing so, you get to exercise as well as spend time with family.

  • No work at home: Never bring your work related issues home. Home time should be family time. Figure out creative ways to spend quality time with family like pitching in to cook dinner, reading books or fetching grocery.


By balancing your career and family life competently, you will be able to make your spouse and kids happier; manage a prolific career smoothly and enjoy a rewarding life on the whole.



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