How to Avoid Taking Anger Out on Your Kids as a Single Parent?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 06, 2013

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Parenting is a tough job even with two parents at home. For a single parent it can be mind boggling. You may feel lonely at times and may miss the comfort of having someone to share your problems and parenting with. This can make you frustrated and lead to angry outbursts on your kids. Read on to understand how to avoid this type of scenario.

  • Teach your children to do their own work like cleaning their room, doing their homework or helping with the household chores.
  • Join a support group or get help from your parents or friends when you feel you need it; do not be ashamed to ask.  It’s what’s best for the child that counts.
  • Use positive methods of disciplining; reward good behavior, say a firm “no” to discourage destructive actions rather than reprimanding your child.
  • Do not get angry or reprimand your child without warning; if you are angry, leave the room and talk your child when you have calmed down.
  • Take out time for yourself; learn to be happy so that your children can be happy.
  • Spend and enjoy quality time with your children; this will help you to develop a closer and healthier relation with them.

Being a single parent can be a challenge but taking your anger out on the children is not acceptable. You just need to focus on and sort out certain issues. Whatever the problem is, you have to teach yourself to deal with it without dragging your children into it.



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