How to Avoid Swine Flu when Pregnant

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Jan 05, 2012

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Pregnant women are at higher risk of Swine flu, reason being that the immune system of the pregnant women is comparatively weaker. Best way of avoiding swine flu during pregnancy is staying healthy. Pregnant women must take extra precaution while stepping out of their house.


Here are some of the ways of being safe from swine influenza:

  • Strengthen your immune system: Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables for keeping the immune system strong. Since swine influenza is more likely to infect the person with weak immune system it is essential to stay healthy during pregnancy.
  • Keep anti-bacterial hand wipes handy.
  • Keep household supplies of medication for combating the symptoms of swine flu. For instance, fever reducers such as Tylenol and pain killers. Take advice of your doctor before actually taking the medication.
  • Avoid crowded places: By staying away from the crowded places, a pregnant woman can avoid swine flu. If you have to visit such places then wear protective mask and follow general hygiene rules. 
  • Frequently wash your hands: Use warm water and soap for washing your hands. Alcohol based hand sanitizer can be use as an alternate when it is not possible to wash hands.
  • Cover your mouth and nose: Remember that swine flu virus can be alive for about two hours on its own. It is recommended not to touch your mouth or nose unless you wash your hands. It is essential to cover your mouth and nose while sneezing and when in contact with the person whom you suspect to be infected with flu. If any of the members of your family is infected with swine flu then you must seek immediate medical advice.
  • Take vaccination: As a preventive measure, pregnant women must take swine flu vaccination. In normal circumstances they are considered to be safe by the medical professionals.
  • If you have small kids then make sure that they wash their hands on coming back from school, play grounds or from other activities of mingling with others.


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