How to Adopt as a Single Parent?

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Jul 29, 2011

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It is possible for you to adopt a child if you are single, but you must consider the following points before any application is made.

  • Are you ready for this major responsibility?
  • Will you be a loving, adoptive parent?
  • Are you financially stable to pay for the expenses of a child?
  • Can you love another's person child as your own?
  • Will your family accept it?
  • Will you be able to love the child if he or she develops some deformity later?

In India, there are specific laws governing adoption for each group of prospective adoptive parents (i.e. single parents, couples, non-resident Indian (NRI), or foreign citizens). A single person and married couples are eligible to adopt, but you have to apply through a registered agency; single males can only adopt a male child.


There are certain requirements that you have to fulfill before you are considered eligible for adoption.

  • You should be medically fit to care for a child.
  • You should be financially secure to burden the child’s expenses.
  • You must be at least 21 years old; although there is no legal upper age limit for parents, most adoptive agencies have one.

Before you complete the process of adoption, check the following:

  • Obtain the child’s original birth certificate.
  • You should have health and insurance coverage for yourself and the child.
  • Make sure that the parental rights of the biological parents are terminated.                                                      
  • Read and join groups that can help you to adjust to your new life.

Remember that the completion of the adoption process can take some months after you have decided to adopt a certain child.



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