How to Accept Your Child's Step-Parent

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Mar 13, 2012

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How to Accept Your Child Step Parent

When your child talks lovingly about his stepmom or stepdad, do you feel insecure and jealous? It may be hard for you to accept his new step-parent, but make an effort for his sake. That person is going to be taking care of him and raising him. Here are some points to help you accept the new step-parent.

  • Do not feel jealous or hurt if he loves his step-parent; as this should mean that he is being looked after competently. It may be difficult for you initially, but accepting the step-parent is good for him.
  • Do not mix your feelings about your ex-spouse and his step-parent; you may not like your ex, but a loving and good step-parent will help him overcome the trauma of divorce.
  • Do not talk ill of the step-parent or introduce negative feelings to your child about the step-parent.
  • Do not try to "dig" for information about the step-parent or his family; this can make the child uncomfortable and insecure.
  • Try to develop an amicable relationship with your child’s step-parent, even a superficial one - for your child’s sake.


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