Housework Can Hurt a Relationship

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Jun 27, 2012

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Housework Can Hurt a Relationship

A Swedish study shows that women may develop psychological strain if household chores are not split evenly. The study panel described the aspect of equality as one of the foremost indicators of a healthy relationship.

Sweden's Umea University researchers retrieved information from 723 residents (21—42 age-group) of an industrial township. The questionnaire featured several aspects pertaining to school, work, socioeconomic conditions, health issues and relationship issues.

It was observed that men and their housewives had similar level of restlessness, concentration problems and anxiety in their relationship at the age of 21. The level of psychological distress alleviated with women’s age, but men's level of distress stayed the same.

Women, who experienced gender inequality, were more distressed. Inequality in relationship arises due to lack of emotional support for women. This feeling of lower socioeconomic position than their partner is the reason of psychological distress.

It can happen to any relationship in which women can fall into such distress-building patterns or a dysfunction due to housework. The pattern lingers on for several years and is not discussed often. The only way to deal with it is recognising, talking about the cause with the partner and dividing responsibilities.



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