Household Product Materials Tied to Lung Damage

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May 15, 2013

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Household Product Materials Tied to Lung Damage

A growing number of household and commercial products, including sunscreens, ink in copy machines and lightweight sporting equipment carry a risk of lung inflammation and damage. These products are made of ‘nanomaterials’, inhaling ultrafine particles of which is hazardous.

The scientists looked at the two most common types of engineered nanomaterials which are being used in household products and electronics, to make product stronger and more flexible. The small amounts of these materials in the lungs do not appear to produce injury; however, we still must remain vigilant in using care in the diverse applications of these materials in consumer products and foods.

A study senior author and the director of the Center for Health, Kent Pinkerton said that further confirmation that nanomaterials have the potential to cause inflammation and injury to the lungs is needed to make a conclusion.



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