Hotter temperatures lead to more violence

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Aug 03, 2013

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Hotter temperatures lead to more violenceAccording to scientists, ‘as the world gets warmer, people are more likely to get hot under the collar’. An extensive study finds that aggressive acts like committing violent crimes and waging war become more likely with each added degree.

Researchers analyzed 60 studies on historic empire collapses, recent wars, violent crime rates in the United States, lab simulations that tested police decisions on when to shoot and even cases where pitchers threw deliberately at batters in baseball. They found a common thread over centuries: extreme weather - very hot or dry - means more violence.

The authors say the results show strong evidence that climate can promote conflict. Solomon Hsiang of the University of California, lead author of the study, said that when the weather gets bad we tend to be more willing to hurt other people.

The study appeared in the recent issue of the journal Science.



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