Hormone Levels Predict Sexual Desire in Women

By  , ANI
May 06, 2013

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Hormone Levels Predict Sexual Desire in Women

A study published in the recent issue of the journal Hormones and Behavior has demonstrated hormonal predictors for sexual desire in women. The scientists at UC Santa Barbara claim that to have found the two hormonal signals that had opposite effects on sexual motivation.

According to the study, a women feels frisky because of the greater your estrogen level while if she is experiencing a profusion, it is due to progesterone. The researchers factored hormone levels and sexual desire against the menstrual cycles of the undergraduate students (subjects) and noted an increase in progesterone levels and decreases in sexual motivation simultaneously. Progesterone was said to be mediating this drop in desire from the fertile window to the luteal phase (later half of the menstrual cycle).

The research doesn’t present a full model and results with women of different age groups will make it more conclusive.



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