Honey to soothe your Child’s Cough

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Aug 14, 2012

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Honey to soothe your Childs Cough

Your child may just be losing that terrible cough in a tasty way. A new study suggests that a spoonful of honey before sleep may help your little kids get rid of cough.

Young kids most often visit the doctor due to cough and cold and the over the counter cough syrups are not very good for your child’s tender health. Most of these have a warning sign and are often used as a recreational drug the world over. Researchers from Israel assigned 300 kids aged one to five and to one of four different night-time cough treatments. Half an hour before bedtime, parents gave their children 10 grams of one of three types of honey - including eucalyptus and citrus-based honey - or syrup made from dates that was also sweet but honey-free.

The results were much better than earlier and both the parents and the children slept well at night.


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