Homeopathic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Aug 02, 2011

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Homeopathic remedies have been shown to be safe and effective alternative treatment option for arthritis.


According to homeopathy any disease or illness is caused due to disharmony within your body. Therefore a person has to be treated as whole (both body and mind) and the specific symptom or disease alone is not treated. As different people respond to the same illness in different ways-- treatment for each person has to be individualized. There is no one single homeopathic remedy for everyone with RA. The homeopathic doctor after taking a detailed history and examining you will prescribe any medication. The time needed to observe improvement after starting homeopathic remedies depends on various factors such as the chronicity of the disease (the duration since the disease has been in the body), your genetic propensity and the extent of damage.


The homeopathic medicines probably stimulate and regulate your immune system and deactivate the misdirected immune cells. This helps to reduce the inflammation in the joints and hence the ongoing damage to the joints. The exact benefit in reversing the deformity in RA with homoeopathy is still not clear.



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