Homeopathic treatment for piles

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 18, 2011

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Some of the commonly used remedies for treatment of piles are:

  • Hamamelis –Q: Effective in controlling bleeding due to piles
  • Aesculus: Useful in piles with acute pain in the back
  • Collinsonia: Useful for chronic painful bleeding piles associated with pain
  • Graphitis: Helpful for piles and fissures caused due to hard stools
  • Ratanhia: Useful for piles with severe pain
  • Some other commonly used medicines include Sulphur, Nux.Vomica, silicea.

You should preferably consult a homeopathic physician rather than taking the remedies without professional advice. Before actually going for surgery for piles homeopathic experts say that you should try out homeopathic remedies.



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