Homeopathic treatment for lipoma

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Jun 06, 2015

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  • Growth of fat cells under the skin is lipoma.
  • Cells can be found in non cancerous tissue growth.
  • Lipoma can occur at any age.
  • Homeopathy gives permanent solution for the condition.

Lipoma is a condition in which growth of fat cells in a thin fibrous capsule, usually found below the skin, takes place. These fat cells can be mostly found in non cancerous tissue growth.

Lipoma homeopathic treamtment

Lipoma can occur in any age. However, the 30s and 40s are the most common stages when it can occur. Usually women fall prey of the condition and usually they suffer from single lipoma than multiple lipomas.

When there is a multiple occurrence of lipoma, it is known as adipose dolorosa which can run in the families. Childhood lipomas are usually rare and mostly inherited.

Lipoma can occur anywhere in the body. Some of the common occurrence sites where fat deposits are nape of the neck, shoulder, back, trunk, buttocks, hips, thighs, arms, forearms and belly.

Lipoma homeopathic treamtment

Homeopathic treatment

Most lipoma patients think that only surgery can cure the condition. But the truth is that surgery can only give a temporary relief from the localized symptoms caused by lipomas. On the other hand, homeopathy offers a complete and effective treatment for the condition. If the treatment is started in the initial stages, the growth of tumours can disappear completely.

There are 22 homeopathic medicines that can give relief from the symptoms of lipoma. But the right choice and the relief largely depends on the experience and right judgement of the homeopathic doctor. The homeopathic medicines are completely tailor made that are given to the  patient only after a complete case study.

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  • ravi04 Sep 2015

    sir, i have multiple lipomas almost everywhere in my body.my age is 23 years. Kindly tell me the cure.

  • ashu27 Feb 2013

    sir, i have multiple lipomas almost everywhere in my body. My age is 25 years. Kindly tell me the cure.

  • dharshan 27 Feb 2013

    I have got multiple lipoma almost all over the body....i want to know if there is any non surgical treatment for these lumps.

  • Bhuwan12 Feb 2013

    Dear Dr. I am Bhuwan, 33 years old. I am suffering from lumps (might called Lymphomas, Sebaceous Cyst) problem in my head (scalp). These are almost 8-9 lumps. These are painless. Some are big and some are small. My quire is:- 1. Is it’s curable? If yes then what is the best method of medicine. Thanks, Bhuwan

  • thangaraj10 Dec 2012

    i m suffering from lipoma, my age is 29. plz tell me treatment . Please tell me the names of the medicines and dosage I could use to cure me of the lipoma growths in my hands.

  • Dwarakanath13 Sep 2012

    Sir i am having multiple lipomas .But one on the spinal cord are causes much pain sir.Please suggest medicine for digesting them and for pain also

  • luv04 Sep 2012

    sir,i have lipoma on my forarms ,thieghs and trunk,,can you please advice ,its getting multiple ,,,,is homeopathic is curable,,please advice me an ointment,,respected sir,,

  • rishi26 Aug 2012

    HI I AM rishi I HAVE LIPOMA ON MY ABDOMEN, hand ,AND BACK ple. tell me treatment my age 28,medicine name .

  • karthikeyan.k24 Aug 2012

    HI I AM karthi I HAVE LIPOMA ON MY ABDOMEN, hand ,AND BACK ple. tell me treatment my age 28

  • Sachin29 Jul 2012

    I have lots of lipoma in my hand pls help me for this...

  • sashidharan14 Jul 2012

    my wife has a lump on the head ie just above the neck doctor say it is lipoma i am worried is there any medcine in homeopathy i dont want to go for surgery please reply

  • I Ketut Sugiartha24 Jun 2012

    I have lipoma in my body. Pls help me contact grandavenuebali@yahoo.com my name I Ketut Sugiartha from Bali, Indonesia . God bless u

  • sharon clarke01 May 2012

    I am suffering from lipoma in my thigh i am 48 yrs old tell me the treatment plz

  • rajiv22 Mar 2012

    sir iam suffring from lipoma, whole body 50 ,app.age 40 yrs ,cure this disease ,plz suggestion tq

  • pradeepkumar shinde19 Mar 2012

    i m suffering from lipoma, my age is 20. plz tell me treatment

  • Kashyap27 Jan 2012

    Please advise me the cure to lipoma.

  • venkat26 Dec 2011

    sir iam suffring from lipoma age 24 yrs cure this disease plz suggestion tq

  • venkat26 Dec 2011

    iam suffring from lipoma plz suggest cure this disease

  • Alfred Martyris26 Nov 2011

    dear Dr. , Please tell me the names of the medicines and dosage I could use to cure me of the lipoma growths at the nape of my neck. I have been diagnosed as a psychotic patient as per homeopathy. I am also suffering from arthritis of the knee joints. Please help me thanks Regards alfred

  • sarfraz ahmed30 Sep 2011

    hi m from mumbai my name is sarfraz, m suffring from lipoma the number of lipoma increasing year by year wht shoud i do please help me. is it curable in homeopathic.