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Homeopathic treatment for diabetes

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jan 24, 2013
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Diabetes has become the modern day epidemic. The common term used by Indian layman for diabetes is sugar. Millions of people around the world have this disease. Type 2 diabetes or the adult onset diabetes is the commonest type of diabetes


The blood sugar levels (blood glucose) are elevated in people with diabetes. Glucose is the type of simple sugar that the cells use for energy. In people with diabetes blood glucose levels is elevated due to deficiency of insulin hormone. Insulin is a hormone that helps in metabolism of blood glucose. Insulin is produced in the body by the pancreas.


Diabetes should be diagnosed and treated as early as possible as the disease can cause several complications (heart attack, kidney disease, stroke) and can be deadly



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4.8 / 5(4 Ratings)
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