Homeopathic Remedy for Gout

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Jul 14, 2011

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medicineGout is a well known medical condition that occurs on account of genetics, certain medications and a diet of rich foods and excessive consumption of alcohol. To arrive at a suitable homeopathic remedy for gout, an experienced homeopath studies the person, his/her nature and symptoms (which could be different in different individuals), and strives for a constitutional remedy, which makes the body immune to these conditions in future. Gout generally attacks the big toe, the instep, wrists and fingers. Some homeopathic remedies for gout are listed below:

Homeopathic Treatment for Gout

The homeopath will examine the symptoms before prescribing the corresponding remedy for gout. The following are most often prescribed as part of the homeopathic treatment for gout, accompanied by dietary restrictions.  


Most often used for pain caused by injuries, it can be useful for gout. The person may be afraid to be approached or touched at the points of pain, which appear like bruises.


Swelling, throbbing and sudden onset of intense pain, are signs that this remedy may be useful. Joints look red and shiny.

Berberis vulgaris

Pain while walking may benefit from the use of homeopathic treatments which use Berberis Vulgaris. Such people may suffer from nagging back pain and have kidney stones.


This remedy for gout is indicated when the person feels searing pain from the slightest movement, knees are stiff and the feet, swollen. In many cases, the person displays an irritable disposition as well.

Calcaria fluorica

Fingers, toe joints enlarged and joints crackle on movement. Pain increases in cold weather; warmth brings relief.


Rhododendron is a homeopathic remedy for gout, that could be used when gout pain at the toes flare up during a storm. Joints in the right side of the body may ache as well. Pain is worse in the morning and upon staying still too long; warmth and eating reduces the pain.


Joints that itch and a burning sensation in the feet would get relief from this homeopathic remedy for gout. Problems are aggravated by damp weather as well as heat in any form.

Ledum Palustre

Pain is intense, the foot and the big toe are swollen. Pain commences at the ankle and moves up to the knee. Such persons get relief when Ledum Palustre is prescribed, accompanied by cold applications that reduce the pain and the swelling.

Dosage Directions

Self-care with homeopathy for gout can be effective. A correctly chosen remedy can work gently and allow the body to heal itself without toxicity or side effects.

One must choose the homeopathic remedy for gout that matches closest to the symptoms - take one dose and check for the response. If relief is observed, wait and allow the treatment to run its course. Unnecessary repetitions are not warranted unless the improvement stops as it could impede the effectiveness of the medication. If no response is evident after much waiting, review the symptoms again carefully and choose another close remedy. Lower potencies (6X, 6C, 12X, 12C, 30X, 30C), can be tried in self care situations. A 30X can be more effective than a 6 and require fewer repetitions; however it is always advisable to seek the advice of a trained professional. Higher potencies especially, should only be used under the guidance of a trained homeopath.


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