Homeopathic Approach for the treatment of hypothyroidism

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Sep 05, 2012

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The homeopathic remedies are very effective for treatment of patients suffering from hypothyroidism symptoms. As the homeopathic remedies are prepared from a wide range of natural substances (such as the vegetables, herbs, minerals, chemicals and animal products) they have minimal side effects.


There is no single drug or single remedy for all the patients with hypothyroidism. Your homeopathic physician will evaluate you and then select the remedy based on all your symptoms (physical, mental and emotional states, and your history). As these remedies stimulate your body's own immune system they provide a lasting cure rather than giving temporary relief.


Some of the homeopathic remedies used for treatment of hypothyroidism are;

  • Calcare phos,
  • Calcarea carb,
  • Lapis alb,
  • Iodium,
  • Thyroidinum,
  • Spongia, Lycopus,
  • Calcarea iod

Along with these medications your homeopathic physician may recommend dietary changes and nutritional supplement. It is advisable to consult a homeopathic physician for treatment of hypothyroidism rather than doing self-treatment.



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