Homemade Ginger Chutney

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Nov 30, 2011

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Ginger is used more in the winters because of its fibrous quality that produces the heat when chewed or cooked. Asian cuisines use more of this due to this particular attribute of ginger.


Key Ingredients: 2 teaspoon of coriander leaves, 2 teaspoon of mint leaves, 2 teaspoons of basil leaves, 2 teaspoons of parsley leaves, 1 tablespoon of limejuice, 50 grams of peeled ginger, salt as per taste


Side Ingredients: 2 teaspoon refined oil, a pinch of mustard seeds, a pinch of fenugreek seeds, 1 green & red chilli, a pinch of asafetida


First, heat the oil in the pan and sauté the side ingredients. Let it cool and then add the key ingredients to it. Grind the entire mixture to make it into a smooth paste. The chutney will be a wonderful blend of hot, sour, tangy and sweet taste. Let the taste buds celebrate!


Nutri-check:  Ginger being very low in sodium helps reduce blood pressure & adds dietary fibre to the food value.



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