How home remedies for sore ankles work

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Oct 05, 2011

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Quick Bites

  • In case of a sore ankle, the best remedy is to rest the hurt area.
  • Ice is an effective first-aid home remedy for a sore ankle.
  • Wrapping the sore ankle helps immobilise the injury.
  • One can also use sesame or mustard oil for pain relief.

Soreness of ankles is mainly caused due to a twist or pull, usually resulting in a strain or sprain in the ankle. The basic principle behind the treatment of sore ankles is RICE—rest, ice, compression and elevation.


sore ankles treatment



In case one is suffering from a sore ankle, the best remedy is to rest the hurt area. For the first 48 hours, do not walk or strain the ankle in any way. Movement can lead to further damage. In case it is absolutely necessary to walk, use crutches or ask somebody to support you.



Ice is an effective first-aid home remedy for a sore ankle. Make a pack of ice or take ice cubes and apply them on the affected ankle area. Repeat this several times a day for at least 15 to 20 minutes. This will help heal the soreness.



Wrap the sore ankle with a compressive bandage. This aids the first principle of ‘rest’ as it helps immobilise the injury and supports it while it heals.



Elevation is a much practiced technique for healing sore ankles. It entails elevating the sore ankle for as much time as possible by lying on the back and propping the ankle up on several pillows.
These must be followed immediately after the injury, without wasting any time.



Apart from following the above mentioned technique of RICE, you need to massage the affected ankle area. You can look for over-the-counter massage oils that are packed with elements such as Ashwagandha. One can also use sesame oil, or even the good old mustard oil (heated) for sustained relief from the pain associated with a sore ankle.

While these home remedies for sore ankles are supportive to the healing process, taking an over the counter ibuprofen, acetaminophen or any other pain killer may ease the pain in the area and minimise swelling. Here, it is necessary to note that this dose of pain killer should not exceed 2400mg/day and should not be used regularly.

If the patient finds it difficult to move it, it may be a grade 2 or grade 3 of soreness. Grade 2 of soreness of the ankle may take 3–6 weeks to heal, and often requires rehabilitation exercises to restore the strength and motion of the ankle.



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