Home Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome

By  ,  Dainik Jagran
May 20, 2011

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Pain in legsHave you detected restless leg syndrome? Let us quickly understand what this is all about. Restless leg syndrome is when the leg shudders or twitches involuntarily. Most people suffering from restless leg syndrome also feel the wriggling of the skin at uncertain times. Restless leg syndrome can be neutralised using these home remedies.


  • One must remember it is not a neurological problem in most cases. Some are purely psychological.
  • Walk and exercise regularly This would tire your legs out and the restlessness would cease to exist.
  • Join yoga classes and try perfecting the surya namaskar. This would calm your legs down whilst simultaneously harmonising all parts of the body. Restless leg syndrome often occurs with people with irregular sleeping patterns or mental fatigue. The best way is to fix a routine bed time habit and follow it diligently. Irregularity induces drowsiness and irritability causing a jittery day ahead.
  • Many people sitting in an office have a fixed desk job that allows zero movement and mobility. People seeking treatment for restless leg syndrome should stretch their legs and rotate their ankles 360 degrees every hour. This soothes the tensed nerves and calf muscles that stiffen over a period of time. Repeat the same before going to bed.
  • Wear lose socks while sleeping. Research over a period of time found that people having restless leg syndrome show symptoms of cold feet. Keeping your legs warm is another viable option.
  • Include iron and magnesium supplements in your diet which would help the blood circulation. Drink red wine. Red wine is endowed with medicinal properties and can soothe strained nerves if taken in measured proportions.


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