Everything you ever wanted to know about home pregnancy test kit

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Jul 01, 2015
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Quick Bites

  • Easy, do-it-yourself-at-home pregnancy kits are easily available.
  • They are convenient, cheap and accurate.
  • The results are quick- usually just 5-10 mins.
  • Helps a woman get antenatal care.


Home pregnancy test kit is one of the best sources of pregnancy testing at home. Like all pregnancy tests, a home pregnancy test kit measures the level of HCG hormone in a woman’s body.

Pregnancy test kit

This hormone is released in great quantity soon after implantation and is best checked a day after missed period.

Typical features of a home pregnancy test kit

  • It checks for the HCG hormone to confirm pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy testing at home by way of home pregnancy test kits can help a woman know if she is pregnant at least 2 weeks after ovulation or soon after she misses the first period after intercourse.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It gives quick results. Most home pregnancy test kits give the result within 5-10 minutes.
  • It helps a woman to get antenatal care as soon as possible.
  • It helps a woman to know whether she is pregnant or not without having to go to a doctor i.e. within the confines of her home.


  • The home pregnancy test kit contains a test device, a disposable dropper, instruction manual and desiccant.

Pregnancy test kit

  • Home pregnancy test kit may me of two types, one which uses a test strip or dipstick that is to be held in the urine stream or dipped in a container of urine. A part of the dipstick or test strip changes colour implying whether you are pregnant or not. Another type of home pregnancy test kit is one in which a few drops of urine are dropped on the well of the test device or the device is dipped into a cup of urine. The colour of a part of the test device changes to imply whether you are pregnant or not. The latter may also show results in the form of lines or signs.
  • The accuracy of the test kit depends on the sensitivity of the test device to the HCG hormone. The most accurate home pregnancy test kit is one that can detect 20-15 mIU/ml of the HCG hormone. Moreover, the accuracy of the test kit varies from woman to woman because:

            The date of the menstruation and ovulation cycles can change every month.
            The exact day when the fertilised egg implants itself in the womb is not known.

  • Home pregnancy test kits can be easily bought over the counter and are inexpensive compared with other methods of pregnancy testing at home.

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  • visha singh28 Sep 2012
    Home pregnancy test kit is very useful to confirm pregnancy quickly. I must say that.. I have tried Velocit Eazy pregnancy test kit, I got result from it and is really easy to use and is also gives accurate result...