High heels or cramps in heels Decision is yours

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Aug 27, 2010

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When it comes to looking stylish and glamorous nothing can beat a pair of high heels. Be it lean and lanky models or a commoner, all love flaunting stilettos to look glamorous as it does wonders for a woman's figure.


Experts feel this style statement can cause serious harm to the body if proper care is not taken.


"Increased pressure puts the forefoot at risk of injuries such as stress fractures, bunions and hammer toes. Knee pain is also common when high heels are involved. So one should normally avoid heels," says Dr Ashish Jain, M.S. (orthopaedics), consultant joint replacement specialist.


Wearing heels on a regular basis leads to an increase in the incidence of osteoarthritis of the knee and quadriceps tendonitis. Sometimes, the tight fit of many heels force the toes to conform to its shape. Furthermore, the compression of the metatarsal bones can cause pressure on the nerves that run between them. The toenails are also at risk as the incidence of in-growing toenails and nail infections is higher in heel wearers.


In simpler terms, the heels can stress the veins of your legs and toes which make walking difficult. If you carry on in heels for a long time, maintain the right posture or else it could lead to back pain thus harming your spinal cord.


Right diet can help:


For those suffering from arthritis:


To make the tissues healthy, one should include bananas, cheese, sunflower seeds and green vegetables in your meal. This gives strength to your muscles as they contain calcium, copper and other proteins. Avoid spicy food.


For those suffering from back pain:


Seeds and dry fruits contain lots of vitamin which are very helpful for those suffering from back pain. Fresh fruits and juice provide antioxidants to your body.


Yoga: The natural healer Swami Anand (Dr Dinesh Sharma, Aastha) suggests some simple yoga asanas that can be very helpful.


For the correct posture: Tadaasan


Stand erect, legs together, hands by the side of the thighs. Gaze in front. Raise your hands straight in front up to arms, palms facing each other. Now slowly raise your heels and stand on toes. Raise heels and stretch your body as much as possible. While returning to the original position bring your heels on the ground first followed by your hands.


Benefits: Spine becomes flexible. Visceroptosis and pain in the backbone is removed.
Gulf ghurnan


You can exercise this asana many times in a day. Keep your right leg's ankle on your joint and revolve it five times clock wise and anti-clock wise. Repeat the same with other leg.


Benefits: This increases blood circulation in the veins as well as in the joints.


Supta padmasan


Lie straight on the back, breathe in and slowly raise your legs. Now try to touch your toes. Be in the same posture for some seconds and keep your breathing normal. Now bring your legs down slowly. Do this for four to five times.


Benefits: This makes your veins and spinal cord flexible.



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