High heels Bad for your Health

By  , ANI
Jun 05, 2013

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A study conducted by The College of Podiatry has revealed that high heels have the ability to increase the risk of a woman suffering from serious medical conditions. These include arthritis, muscle damage and trapped nerves.

The study said that women who start feeling the pain after wearing the heels for just one hour and six minutes on an average and a fifth of them feel the burn after walking for just 10 minutes. About 50 per cent of women have also been found to be suffering from foot problems and a third has worn heels they knew did not fit them. They wore them simply because they looked good. About 90 per cent have suffered from blisters, cracked heel, verrucas, corns and ingrown nails.

The College of Podiatry's Mike O'Neill said that the heels are the ultimate in power dressing and females often wear them to look more attractive to men. However, he said, that higher the heel more their body is tilted forward and more they have to lean back, which may put the pelvis out of alignment and cause compression of the spine, the Daily Express reported.

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