High-Frequency Noise Boosts Math Skills

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May 17, 2013

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High Frequency Noise Boosts Math Skills

A preliminary research suggests that there is a possibility that math-calculation skills can be improved by buzzing brains with doses of random high-frequency noise. It is not yet clear why transcranial random noise stimulation boost thinking skills. Researchers stimulated the brain's cortex by placing electrodes on the scalp and delivering random bits of electrical noise. The researchers tracked the changes in how the brain processes things.

According to researchers, one of the most complicated high-level cognitive [mental] functions and brain response can be improved after just five days of training, with a long-lasting effect six months later.

The scientists have been studying transcranial random noise stimulation for about five years now. The treatment is considered to be harmless but has been in a research phase and not definitive. Roi Cohen Kadosh, a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Oxford suggested that the results of the new study are promising.



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