Risks Associated with Cardiovascular Diseases to be Discussed at the World Congress of Cardiology

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Apr 03, 2014

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A release on April 1 said that experts will discuss the risks associated with cardiovascular diseases, especially due to high salt intake, at a global conference on heart disease.

heart healthThe World Congress of Cardiology, to be held in Melbourne, Austrlia next month, is a major international conference that addresses and tackles the importance of cardiovascular health and disease on a global scale by attracting a strong and renowned international faculty of experts.

It will debate and present the latest findings in heart health. It aims at discussing the importance of national national targets to reduce premature mortality related to cardiovascular disease, such as dietary salt guidelines, the release said.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that adults should have no more than five grams of salt per day -- less than one full teaspoon. However, in most countries the average person consumes between nine and 12 grams a day.

"The World Congress of Cardiology is unique in its role as the global platform for cardiovascular health and outcome-based approaches. No other congress brings together such a broad array of regional and global leaders to share the latest science and share best practices in preventing and managing cardiovascular disease in a variety of clinical settings, benefiting patients in countries around the world," K. Srinath Reddy, president, World Heart Federation, said.

With an international presence of 100 countries, attendees at the conference will have access to over 500 expert speakers, 285 scientific sessions and more than 1,000 oral and poster presentations, covering the latest clinical and policy research in cardiovascular disease control.

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