Healthy Social Relationships key to Long Life

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
May 19, 2011

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Happy coupleA new study claims that the key to a long life lies in our social relations. The study was conducted at the University of Tel Aviv in Israel and it says that a good relationship with peers and colleagues not only allows us to perform better but in fact it also aids in decreasing the risk of mortality.


The sample for the study was a group of 820 professionals whose lives were monitored from 1998 to 2008. The study confirms that a positive work environment and longevity are most closely knit in people aged 38 to 43. A position of dominance and overall control are also contributing factors increasing the chances of a long life in males. The result of the same traits is in fact opposite in females.


Healthy social relationships are an indicator of how well people gel with their colleagues and the equations that they share with friends is the key to a healthy long life. Relationship problems at work tend to bog down people. Healhty social relationships help people in dealing with the problems of life in a better way.



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