Healthy Sleep Environment for Children

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Sep 12, 2011

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Children sleep much more than adults and they need a healthy sleep environment to have peaceful and comfortable rest. As they are dependent on you for everything, you have to take care to provide a safe sleep environment as well to them. Healthy sleep environment includes bedroom and crib safety, the sleep attire, bedding and room temperature. Read on to understand more on healthy sleep environment for children.

What should your child wear to bed: Dress your child appropriately for the climate. In hot weather, a child does need not wear full sleeves shirt and long pyjamas—a light cotton T-shirt and shorts can suffice. In winters, dress the child appropriately so that he does not need more than a light blanket. If possible get nightwear which is made of fire-retardant fabric.

Crib safety measures: The baby should be put on his back to sleep. Ensure that the mattress in the crib is firm. Do not keep overly fluffy or weighty bedding in the crib (so that the baby does not get suffocated in the bedding). Avoid the use of electric blankets, and do not allow pets in the crib. Do not cover your baby’s face and head while sleeping (to avoid suffocation). Remove all unnecessary bedding (sheets and blankets) and clothes from the crib.

Bed safety for children: To make the sleeping environment healthy for your child, ensure that you have a firm mattress on his bed.  Avoid water beds. The use of a small, firm pillow is recommended for toddlers. Avoid pillows for children below 2 years of age. Avoid feather pillow for a toddler—as these are really soft and put the child at risk of suffocation if his head sinks into it while s/he's sleeping. In addition they can also set off allergies.

Room temperature: Children sleep most comfortably when the room temperature is about 24–25 degrees Celsius. But in summers when the temperature is soaring to 40 degree in India it can be difficult to keep your baby cool during sleep. Make the sleep environment comfortable for your child by making him sleep in a well-ventilated room.  If it is hot, use a fan or air conditioner to cool the room.

Sleep helps your child’s body to recover from the day's tiredness, the brain to consolidate newly acquired knowledge and information and refreshes the body physically and mentally for the next day--- hence you should ensure that they have a healthy sleep environment.


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