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Top five muscle growth foods that are being ignored now a days

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2016-07-12

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Building muscles require an increase in calories Muscle growth is very much dependent on the quality of food you eat. The natural foods that boost bodybuilding are easily available, cheap and safe to use. In this video we have included some of the top muscle gain foods that you should include in your meal plan. Full fat milk being rich in calcium, protein and phosphorus is a great muscle growth enhancer. It also contains vitamin A, D, E and K along with vitamin B2. The polyunsaturated fat present in full fat milk is very crucial for muscle growth. Milk also contains some trace minerals like iodine to fulfil your daily requirements. It is said that if you want to gain lean muscle avoid eating rice and potato. But as per researchers you must include these items in your diet. Rice, being rich in carbohydrate and certain vitamins balances your glucose in body and provide you surplus calories required for muscle growth. Potatoes are another great source of carbohydrate. It is a popular misbelief that eating egg yolk will lead to fat deposition as it contains only fat. Instead egg yolk is rich in proteins, minerals and fats. Egg yolk contains 43% of total protein. The fat present in egg helps to boost hormone growth and reduces any inflammation caused by the injury or strain to the muscle. Banana is a great food to include in your diet. This magnesium rich fruit is packed with goodness of phytonutrients, essential for general well being and overall performance of all hormones to coordinate for muscle growth. Watch this video and know more about these top five muscles growth foods.
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