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Litchi blizzard mocktail

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2016-07-06

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It would not be wrong to say that sometimes guests have no sense of time. Indeed it is true that people can just visit you at times when you are not even ready to greet them. Well, greeting and properly welcoming the customers isn’t always about just escorting them inside but more than that. When you have guests, the most common problem that you face is the limited option of things that you can serve your guests. No matter what time they have arrived, you will always be confused about what to serve them. Ideally, you must serve your guests something delicious but something light at the same time. Now, one thing that you must serve a guest is a welcome drink. Yes, the first thing that people usually offer something to drink an when the summers are already here with such uncomfortably hot days, something cold to drink is the need of hour. However, don’t you think that cold drinks, tea and coffee are too boring to serve? Plus, cold drinks are aerated and not healthy while coffee and tea are way too hot for this already hot weather. There should something new, something healthy some innovation in the drinks that we serve our guests. This video here teaches you a new refreshing and delighting drink, litchi blizzard mocktail. As the name indicates, the drink has the relishing taste of litchi and other fruits. Take a stylish glass, pour in litchi juice, add one tablespoon of Geraldine syrup and after that add crushed ice. After you have added three scoops of crushed ice, top it with orange juice. Your litchi blizzard mocktail is ready to serve. You can call your guests; your relatives over this weekend serve these drinks and the feedback about your hospitality will always be positive.

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