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How to make your face look slim using makeup

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2015-05-12

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Everyone wants to look nice and have an appealing and attractive face. A slimmer face looks best most of the times on most of the people. It is where highlighting and contouring comes into pictures as it can do wonders. Contouring, also known as shading, has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years since to make your face look slim has been a popular trend, even in the Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. Even the recent fashion has been all about highlighting and shading. So here is what you need to make sure before going for highlighting & contouring to make your face look flawless. Too much of highlighting does not go well if you have a sensitive skin. Hence before starting, make sure you have clear skin which is not over sensitive to make up or have any skin problems. Anything that stands out too much against your skin is definitely going to look obvious, hence choose according to your skin colour. Now, begin by applying a contouring powder on the natural shadows of the face with the help of contour brush, also underneath the cheekbones, the jaw line with a slight touch on the hairline in order to have a balanced look. The contours powder should be put in the same direction as the jaw line. If required, use another for blending the edges into the foundation. Once all the lines are merged in to skin, you are ready for the colour makeup. Use skin colour to slim down the nose with the help of nose contour brush by creating parallel lines from the bridge of the nose and blending it down into the base of the nose. Watch the video with our expert Vidya Tikari, a renowned makeup artist to learn the tricks.
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