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How to accept the fact that you are gay

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2016-10-06

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Are you gay?


Do you think that you have got nothing against the opposite gender but yet you do not seem to develop feelings for them? Unlike other people, you seem to be romantically inclined towards the same gender and fail to feel something for other genders. When you are a guy and you find other guys cute, you are gay. And when you are a girl and other girls look pretty, you are gay. There is nothing abnormal about it, there is nothing different. Having affection, love and liking for someone not in your control. Understand one thing that falling for someone is not in your hands. You can fall for anyone. Yes, if you can fall for a person younger than you, if you can fall for someone older than you, you can definitely fall for someone from similar gender.


Accept the fact that you are gay


Now, if you know that you are gay, don’t be shocked or don’t be surprised. There is nothing different, weird or strange about it. You are what you are. You do not question someone’s preference then you should not question your own preference. You must know that loving someone is totally your call but at the same time you cannot just control you love. Know that homosexuality is biological. Some people are straight while some people are homosexual and bisexual. It is completely inbuilt and not something that you choose, it is not your personal choice to be bisexual or homosexual.


Do not listen to what people have to say. You cannot change what you are for societal norms. It is understood that our society does not accept it but it is society and they will always have something to oppose. Keep one thing in mind, being bisexual and homosexual is not your personal choice, it is a biological and completely natural thing.



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