Your complete guide for your night runs

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 31, 2014

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In a busy schedule, night time running is the best possible option for you to keep fit. Here is your complete guide which will give you some useful tips and will let you have a healthy night time running session.
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    Night Running is What you Need

    The busy schedule and less time during the daylight keeps many of us away from staying fit. Reaching home late from work or personal commitments, reasons can be many which restrict you from working out in day light. However, if keeping fit is all you desire and fighting against all odds you have thought of starting with night time running, here are few tips along with its pros and cons which will help you through.

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    Try to Keep it Simple

    If running 10-miles is what you are aiming at, reduce it to 5-miles and double the run. In fact, if you can run 2-miles five times it will help you stay close to your home and you will not have to be out on the dark roads.

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    Use the Right Equipments

    When you run at night, you will have to fight the weather as well as the darkness. So, stay well equipped. Wear a reflective vest, a headlamp, and a flashing light. Keep yourself fully covered during winter nights to save yourself from harsh weather.

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    Don’t Use Earphones

    Using earphones while running may seem to be a good idea but, only during day time. At night wearing earphones make you more vulnerable to an accident or a mishap.

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    Take Well-Lit Route

    When you have no other option but to run at night, take the route which is well-lit. The route may not look all that pleasing but, remember it’s the safest.

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    People who spend long hours in the office, night jogging is best suited for them. Night running helps you distress and refreshes you for the next day.

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    Sound Sleep

    If you have troubles with having a sound sleep, night jogging can help you with that. Once you return from running, take a shower and straight away hit the bed to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

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    Stay Fresh and Alert

    Since night jogging helps you have a sound sleep, it will let you wake up fresh and help you stay alert the next day.

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    Night running can be troublesome for people who live in urban areas and have very less free area around their house. Also, you may face vehicles passing by at night on the roads which can hinder your exercise.

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    Accidents and Mishaps

    If you finally manage to find a place which does not have much vehicles passing by, the lightings in the area may cause trouble for you. Places which are not lit properly put you at a higher risk of accidents and mishaps.

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    Affects on Health

    Night running can have adverse effects on your metabolism. If you notice any changes on you health which are negative in nature, you must stop as soon as possible.

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