Your Checklist to Know if you are with the Person you should Marry

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Sep 12, 2014

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The excitement for tonight’s date may make you overlook indications that clearly tell you that you are with the person you should get married to. You may be ready for the date but, this checklist could help you get lucky in finding your soul mate.
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    Are you Really Ready?

    Your checklist for tonight’s date may be perfectly accurate but, there are high chances that the excitement for the date has made you overlook many important clues. Also, your checklist may be aiming at looking for a great date but, it does not necessarily mean that it can get you into a great relationship. But, don’t you worry. Here is a checklist of the most prominent signs that you are dealing with THE ONE indeed.

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    Just the Perfect Sense of Humour

    This is the most essential trait to make the life going on successfully. But, what kind of sense of humour he/she has also makes a huge difference. Making a joke at someone else’s expense may be an inappropriate thing to do. The sense of humour your perfect match will have would be generous and positive the kind that can make your life fun and help you get through tougher times.

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    Your Opinions are not Taken for Granted

    When your date listens to you, acknowledges your opinion and responds with sincerity and care, you must consider having a long-term association with them. This is essential because when it comes to spending a lifetime together, it becomes important for them to love talking to you and to show interest in what you have to say.

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    They will have an Opinion

    While showing interests in your opinions is important, it is equally important for them to have an outlook towards various things. It is fine if they disagree with what you have to say. It is a sign that they have heard you properly and are capable of having their own viewpoint.

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    They are Capable of Working Things Out

    It was been shown in a recent research that the single most characteristic that determines the success of a relationship is the ability of the couple to solve problems. If an argument breaks out during the date, you could use it as an opportunity to check your capability as a couple to sort out the issue.

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    They Accept you the Way you are

    Every individual is different and this could prove to be a blessing for your relationship. This happens because the comfort of your relationship exists as a result of your similarities while the differences between you and your partner will keep the excitement in the relationship alive. Hence, it is important for your partner to not be threatened by the differences you have.

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    Although this does not mean that you would start expecting them to share their deep dark secrets with you on the very first date, all you must expect is them to be comfortable with talking about themselves.

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    Their Life Includes a Job, Friends, Family and Various Interests

    When you are looking for a life partner, it is important for your choice to have a balance. The person must have a thriving career, some good hobbies and at the same time must indulge into some leisure activities. If they have a perfect blend of all these things they are surely focused and motivated in life.

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    Emotional Maturity

    While it is important for them to be capable of handling tough times with a smile on their face, it is equally important for them to be responsible, self-regulating, emotionally responsive and have control over their impulses. They must be ready to take all challenges in life with maturity and be able to comfort their partner.

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